Château LE SENS
Since 1858 my family of winegrowers works with love the terroir of Château LE SENS.

Since the 18th century my family of winegrowers works with love the terroir of the Château LE SENS.These are plots on slopes well exposed in the geographical area of the Premières Côtes de Bordeaux.Eight generations of winemakers will succeed one another here and will pass on their knowledge to me-make that I do not hesitate sometimes to question (BTSA Viti-Oeno and experiences outside).  

Over time an exceptional encépagement of low vines has formed with a majority of old vines. This is what distinguishes us from the majority of our colleagues.  

Malbec or Muscadelle are always maintained here for example. The oldest vines are 70 years old and allow very qualitative blends.These wines, the best vintages, are stored about ten years in a cellar specially dedicated to this purpose before finishing on your festive table.

An ecological challenge: bio

Concerned about the future and in accordance with the wishes of the ancient generations of the castle LE SENS, organic farming is a necessity more than a burden, Château LE SENS has been committed for many years to its conversion to organic farming by 2020.

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