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Nature and wine 


AREA integrated vineyard management certification, controled by "Chambre d'agriculture de la Gironde" : beyond obtaining a piece of paper, what practical measures are we implementing ?

- reducing or even eliminating vineyard inputs, prefering cover crop around the vines or just let some weed cut, amending with organic fertilizer and only ploughing occasionally (twice per year between alternate rows) to loosen and aerate the soil, without destroying our friends the earthworms.

- preserving some wild areas on the estate, such as woods or copses, and natural hedges formed of old oak trees. Consequently, a wide variety of flora and fauna may be observed in our vineyards.

- reducing the inputs in wine : using natural, "indigenous" yeasts, while certain treatments, such as desacidification and earth filtration are completely prohibited in our wines ;

- compliance with good agricultural practices when using pesticides.

Swarm of bees in our vines

- preserving water resources : buiding an equipment washing area and rainwater recovery (2010), temperature-control system in the winery (1993).

This all contributes to our efforts towards responsible, sustainable agriculture.


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