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Bordeaux dry white 2013


Bordeaux Rosé  2016





Château LE SENS 

1rst Wine aged in barrels  




Grape varieties: 60% Merlot, 10% Malbec and 30% Cabernets (Sauvignon and Franc).

Ageing: 24 months in vat.

Serving suggestions:  red and white meats, italian and french cooking as well as all types of cheeses and fruits salad.

Our tasting notes: an approachable, fruity wine with good structure and remarkable ageing potential.






Grapes: Sémillon 30%, Sauvignon 35%, Muscadelle 35%

Serving suggestions: Ideal with seafood, such as oysters, and all kinds of fish, as well as white meats in a sauce.

Our tasting notes: a young, fruity wine, best enjoyed chilled (8-10°C). It has unusual character for a white Bordeaux thanks to the presence of Muscadelle grape. Made from old vines, this wine requires a great deal of care in order to reveal its full range of aromas. It is best enjoyed young, and should not be cellared for over 2 - 3 years.



Grape varieties: Merlot 50% and Cabernet Sauvignon 50%.

Fermentation: Pre-fermentation skin contact, fermenting must bled off from red wine vats, then fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats to preserve the grapes' aromatic potential.

Serving suggestions: Delicious with grilled meats, mixed salads, this light red wine is best enjoyed chilled (7-8°C).

Our tasting notes: this traditional Bordeaux wine is redolent of fresh grapes and bursting with red-berry fruit on both the bouquet and palate. Like the dry white wine, it is best enjoyed within 3 years of the harvest.







Best grapes selection each year, it is our First Wine.


Ageing: aged in fine-grained french oak barrels for 12 months (30% new ones each year) then in vat 12 months.

Serving suggestions:  red and white meats, as well as all types of cheeses, french typical cooking.

Our tasting notes: that wine have a lovely, soft, tannic structure and red-berry fruit aromas. They are very smooth on the palate and the barrel-aged wines have a tannic aftertaste with hints of vanilla.

These wines have great ageing potential and will develop in bottle for at least 10 years thanks to high-quality natural corks first choice natural.








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